Outdoor foto&film festival Kreševo

14 Jun 2021 .bogdan

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Outdoor foto&film festival Kreševo


Kreševo ​​is a small town in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, located at the foot of the Bitovnja mountain and its protruding parts of Inča and Lopata. Mountaineering has been nurtured in Kreševo ​​through the work of the Bitovnja Mountaineering Association since 1936 and you can see the fruits of their seventy-five-year labour everywhere. Considering the long tradition of mountaineering in Kreševo, it is not surprising that this is the place where the idea of the first open-air photography and film festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina was born.

Zoran Šimić's idea of ​​the festival was created years ago and in 2013 is when all the conditions needed for the organisation were met. After many years of storytelling, contacts and detailed ideas, the festival was finally given a date and the name "Outdoor Photo & Film Festival 3fok". The abbreviation 3fok was created by playing with letters, so the Photo and Film Festival got the abbreviation fff or 3f, the letter O is derived from the word Outdoor, while the letter K denotes the venue Kreševo.

The festival invites all mountaineers, alpinists, speleologists, boulders, touring skiers, mountain bikers, paragliders, adventurers, biologists, ecologists, as well as all other mountain lovers who have a camera, whether you are an amateur or a professional, to send their work to the 9th FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY AND FILM OUTDOOR .KREŠEVO - 3FOK, which will be held in Kreševo ​​from 29.7.-1.8.2021.