Bjelašnica is a mountain in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it belongs to the Dinaric mountain system. The highest peak of Bjelašnica is 2,067 meters. The collision of the air masses from the mountains and the sea causes large amounts of snow to fall and this is the reason why Bjelašnica is covered with snow from November to May. Sometimes in the summer months as well.


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Winter tourism

Bjelasnica Mountain is one of the mountains where the men’s alpine skiing competition was held during the XIV Winter Olympic Games in 1984. During the Winter Olympic Games, numerous sports and tourist facilities were built on Bjelasnica, which are still used today. Covered with snow from November to May, Bjelašnica forms high snowdrifts that reach a height of several meters and are one of the most popular scenes and attractions.

At the highest peak of Bjelašnica, in 1894, a meteorological station was built, which represents the highest inhabited point in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina. On Bjelašnica there are 8.345 m ski slopes for all Alpine disciplines, and your journey begins on a ski track that descends from the very top of the mountain at 2.067 m above sea level and ends at Babin dol at 1.266 m above sea level, representing the identical track of the Olympic descent. Bjelašnica has one three-seater with a decent path, once a two-seater along with slalom and giant slopes, as well as three ski lifts. Bjelašnica also offers well prepared and lighted ski slopes, so if you enjoy night time skiing, this mountain will be the perfect destination.


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Cultural and historical heritage

The area of ​​Bjelašnica was inhabited in ancient times, as evidenced by rich archaeological finds. In the fifteenth century, the first inhabitants of Bjelašnica were mentioned, while Evlija Čelebija describes Bjelašnica as “a strange, greenish and populated mountainous region”. The most important monuments dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries are the stećci found near the village of Tusil, as well as the necropolis of stećak tombstones in the villages of Lukomir, Čuhovići and Blace.;

Village of Lukomir is located on the southern slopes of Mount Bjelašnica, at 1495 meters above sea level and it was proclaimed a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The village of Lukomir is the highest and most remote village throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is believed that the village was inhabited even hundreds of years ago. The National Monument consists of buildings located in the village, a necropolis with 18 stećak tombstones at the Vlaško cemetery site and a necropolis with nine stećak tombs at the Jezerina site.




Hiking and walking

Bjelašnica has always been a great challenge for every adventurer who wants to take the path of this mysterious mountain. This includes the numerous hiking trails that pass through Bjelašnica and the famous “Josipova staza”, which leads to the highest peak of the mountain – 2067 meters. The trail is named after the legend of mountaineering Josip Siegmund, who traced and marked the mountain in 1934. The trail leading from the village of Umoljani to Lukomir, along the canyon of Raktinica, is one of the most popular excursion routes.

Mountain biking

If you want to explore the natural beauties of Bjelašnica and its surroundings in a more dynamic way, you can enjoy the biking trails that lead all the way from the springs of Bosnia on Ilidža and across the Igman Mountain to Babin dol. It is planned to mark 600 km more of biking trails.


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Bjelašnica is one of the leading ski centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is only 25 km away from Sarajevo. Bjelašnica has all the necessary ski equipment, with accommodation facilities located right next to the ski resort. Bjelašnica offers various hotels and apartments as accommodation facilities.


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