Bijeljina is a town located in the northeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the centre of the fertile plain of Semberija. Bijeljina has 107,715 inhabitants, and the area of ​​the municipality lies on large underground reserves of geometric water with a temperature of at least 75 degrees Celsius, which makes it the warmest city in the Republic of Srpska.


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Numerous archaeological studies provide reliable evidence of the population of these areas in the prehistoric age, about 5,000 years ago. Bijeljina was first mentioned in a Latin document in 1466. The Middle Ages were characterized by the struggle for the domination of Semberia by the rulers of neighbouring countries, as well as the lesser feudal lords. Faced with battles and feudal discord, Bijeljina and Semberija shared the fate of most of the surrounding countries and ended up in the hands of the Ottoman Empire in 1530. After a century of a relatively stable period under Turkish rule, there was a series of war conflicts in which Bijeljina suffered great devastation. A large part of the population temporarily or permanently migrated and relative stability only returned after the Austro-Hungarian occupation of 1787. During the Austro-Hungarian occupation, Bijeljina underwent a revival, the city was modernized and, thanks to its significant strategic position, rapidly developed.

Ethno village Stanišići

Only three kilometres away from Bijeljina, in the very heart of Semberija, the Stanišić family built the largest ethno village in the Balkans. The village proudly preserves twenty authentic wooden houses, embodying Boris Stanišić’s vision of ​​life and culture in the nineteenth and twentieth century. In addition to authentic houses, in the centre of the village, there are two lakes, watermills, dairies, blacksmiths, stone wells and amber. The monastery of St. father Nikola has a very special place in the village, in which the relics of Tsar Uroš and St. father Nikola were laid to rest. In the restaurants of Ethno Village, you will have the opportunity to taste some of the best traditional Bosnian specialities and dishes. And for a complete dining experience and a dash of the past centuries, you will be served by a waiter wearing ancient clothes!


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Resort Dvorovi

Resort Dvorovi is located just six kilometres away from Bijeljina, and it was built after the discovery of thermal water by drilling for oil exploration in Semberija in 1957. Resort Dvorovi has therapeutic thermo-mineral water of sodium-calcium-hydro carbonate composition, which is very suitable for the treatment of many chronic conditions, such as all forms of rheumatic diseases, diabetes, neurosis, post-traumatic conditions, and many others. You can relax and enjoy all types of massages, acupuncture, and inhalation. The spa also has facilities for basketball, handball, beach volleyball, trim cabinet, tennis, as well as several swimming pools and saunas.


Mount Majevica

For all lovers of trekking tourism, the treasures of the Majevica Mountains are an ideal destination. On the Majevica Mountain, there are regular excursions during which you will have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauties of the waterfall Skakavac, Šuplja stijena, and Novak’s cave.


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In Bijeljina there are numerous pubs, pizzerias, and cafes where you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and live music. In well-known clubs and discos in Bijeljina, a good time is guaranteed, and in the small hours, you will often stumble upon crowds wandering around popular barbecues and kebabs.


Delicious food, pleasant atmosphere and professional staff – this is how we briefly describe hospitality in this city. On the menus of restaurants in Bijeljina, you can find specialities of both local and international cuisine. From barbecues and kebabs to steak houses and the best Italian pizzas and pasta. In Bijeljina, everyone will find something to their liking.


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Bijeljina has very rich accommodation capacities. Bijeljina offers several hotels, motels, apartments, and private accommodation. If you want more privacy during your visit, you also have the option of staying in hiking houses and bungalows.


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