Mountain Vlašić, named after the ancient people of Vlasi, is one of the largest mountain plateaus in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mount Vlašić is located in the very centre of Bosnia and Herzegovina within the Central Bosnia Canton. The Vlašić plateau extends from 1,000 to 1,500 meters, while the highest peak of Vlašić, Paljenik, reaches a height of 1,934 meters.


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Winter tourism

On Mount Vlašić, the Sports and Recreation Center “Babanovac”, known as the seat of the international jumping competition called “Cup of Vlašić”, was founded over 70 years ago. Babanovac has thousands of facilities and is the ideal destination for those who want adventure, as well as for those who are looking for family breaks. On Mount Vlašić there are over 10 kilometres of ski trails with six lifts, of which there are three baby lifts for beginners. All mountain lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of activities, such as arranged Nordic running trails, snow safaris on white mountain areas and, of course, night skiing.

River Ugar

Mount Vlašić is a very popular tourist destination during other seasons too. Special attention is given to the river Ugar which springs under the slopes of Vlašić, as well as the waterfall Ugrić that is over 15 meters high. During warm summer days, the murmur of water, clean air and unspoiled nature are exactly what we need.


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Health tourism

Air quality on Vlašić is known for its positive effect on blood count and is recommended for all patients, posterity, children, elderly people, and sports teams. Medicinal herbs, nature, and pure mountain water strengthen immunity, favourably treating skin diseases, alleviating allergic reactions and contributing to our overall health.


Adrenaline park eko-fis Vlašić

Only one kilometre away from Babanovac is the tourist village eko-fis Vlašić which offers plenty of fun adventures. All adrenaline junkies will have the opportunity to enjoy an adventurous walk through the trees or even lowering by a 200 meters long cable that stretches above the lake. You can only imagine what a fascinating view you’ll enjoy.


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Vlašić Mountain is known for its long tradition of sheep farming. Vlašić cheese is one of the best white cheeses in brine, and it is assumed that the technique of making brine cheeses was brought to these parts by nomadic herdsmen from the east – Vlasi. Restaurants on Vlašić delight their visitors with a rich and high-quality food and drinks offering, local and international cuisine, and helpful staff.


Mount Vlašić has a large number of accommodation capacities. In addition to several hotels on Vlašić, motels, apartments, boarding houses and other catering facilities, about 800 cottages were built. All guests are guaranteed peace, tranquillity, and enjoyment of the specialities of local cuisine and the natural beauty of the mountain.


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