In touch with nature


The perfect way to relax in nature, without sacrificing the comfort of your bed and bathroom.

Situated in the heart of untouched nature, most often made of wood, the bungalows represent the perfect escape from everyday life and city bustle.


Rich in natural wonders, untouched mountains, rivers, and lakes, Bosnia and Herzegovina is an ideal destination for all those who like to be one with nature, even in your sleep.

Accessibility, convenience and fun times are just some of the epithets that describe camping – the best way to get to know the nature around you.

Camps are located on the outskirts of cities, as well as in green hamlets, on mountain tops, near rivers and lakes.

See a list of all camping grounds in BiH here.

On vacation with a camper

If you like to travel at your own pace and enjoy the benefits of the RV, we invite you to spend your vacation on one of our well-maintained auto camps.

Relax in the heart of nature, enjoy the landscapes and accompanying facilities offered by many campsites in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Camp guests will often have a wide range of activities and contents at their disposal; such as food and drinks, sports and children’s playgrounds.

If you stay at one of the campsites located along the many rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can enjoy swimming, rafting or canoeing and kayaking.


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