How to move around BiH by car

Driving around BiH is the best way to experience diverse landscapes, get to know the cities and the nature of the country.

The main roads in the country – magistrale in Bosnian, are in very good condition. The main roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina are marked with a combination of capital letters M (from the abbreviation for the main road (magistrala), composed with a hyphen and one number).

There are five international routes and 20 state highways in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with bus lines leading to many countries.

What do you need to drive a car in BiH

To drive in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you need a valid driver’s license with an international driver’s license if required. You must also keep proof of ownership or a car rental agreement, as well as all insurance documents.

Rent a car

The minimum age for car rental in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 21 years. Age restrictions for car rental may vary slightly depending on the supplier.

If you want to rent a car in Bosnia and Herzegovina, keep in mind that you now need to have an international driver’s license. Don’t worry, International Driving Licenses are affordable and can be obtained from a local car club, similar to AAA for around € 20.

Speed ​​limit

City: 60 km / h

Open roads: 100 km / h

Highways: 130 km / h

Traffic restrictions

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, drive on the right side of the road. The blood alcohol limit is 0.3 mg.

Gas Stations

There are many gas stations throughout the cities and along the motorways. Opening hours vary depending on the location, but in most cases, gas stations are open 24/7. Most stations accept international credit cards.


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