How to move around BiH by train

Two railway companies operate in different entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ŽFBH (Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina):

The railway operates in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The ŽFBIH includes the following routes:

Doboj – Sarajevo – Doboj

Sarajevo – Capljina – Sarajevo

Trains also run from Sarajevo to Mostar, several times a day. The trains on this route are modern air-conditioned trains, which are often quite empty and provide perhaps the most incredible train journey in all of Bosnia!

The Sarajevo-Mostar route, which has been declared one of the 18 most beautiful in the world according to the words of the renowned British newspaper “Guardian”, attracts a large number of tourists every year.

ŽRS (Republika Srpska Railways):

The railway operates in the Republic of Srpska.

It includes the route Sarajevo – Banja Luka – Bihać – Sarajevo

Bihać-Banja Luka railway connection was reopened in 2018 and even offers sleeping clothes.

There are currently no international railway relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Train Reservations in BiH

Reservations for regional trains are required.

The reservation fee is € 1.50 (3 KM, local currency).

The price of the reservation itself depends on the distance traveled.

International and night trains may require prior reservation.


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