Travel to BiH by car

A car is the easiest way to tour a country. If you decide to travel by car, get ready to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and sights of the heart-shaped land. Bosnia and Herzegovina is known for its green rocky mountains, endless forests, and mesmerizing waterfalls, lakes, and rivers.


Bosnia and Herzegovina is still developing highways to facilitate drum traffic. The A1 motorway is a motorway under construction in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is part of the pan-European corridor Vc and the European international road E73. The construction of the highway will connect Hungary and eastern Croatia with the Adriatic Sea.


The main roads in the country – magistrale in Bosnian, are in very good condition. The main roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina are marked with a combination of the capital letter M (from the abbreviation for the main road (magistrale), combined with a hyphen and one number.

Since 2009, the main routes leading from the coast through Mostar to Sarajevo have been renewed, and from Sarajevo to the Croatian border at Slavonski Brod / Slavonski Šamac. By 2015, 100 kilometers of the highway were opened, from Zenica-Jug to Tarčina, bypassing Sarajevo, and from the Croatian border near Bijača to Međugorje. Three more sections are being prepared, and the entire part of the highway of the European Vc corridor in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina should be completed by 2022.


On the completed section of the road, from Lučani to Jošanica, tolls are charged for driving on the highway. The amount of toll depends on the category of vehicle and ranges from 1.20 KM to 21.60 KM. The toll can be paid in cash, in domestic or foreign currency, credit cards, bank transfer or contactless electronic payment system.

Speed ​​limit

City: 60 km / h

Open roads: 100 km / h

Highways: 130 km / h

Traffic restrictions

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, you drive on the right side of the road. The blood alcohol limit is 0.3 mg.

Gas Stations

There are many gas stations throughout the cities and motorways, and opening hours vary depending on the location, but the majority is open 24 hours a day. The larger gas stations accept international credit cards.

Rent a car

The age limit for car rental in Bosnia and Herzegovina is usually 21 years. Age limits for car rental can vary slightly depending on the supplier.

If you want to rent a car in Bosnia and Herzegovina, keep in mind that you now need to have an international driver’s license. Don’t worry, you can easily get a hand on an international driver’s license in local auto clubs, similar to AAA for around € 20.


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