Taste The Local Specialities in Banja Luka

Find out where you can try local specialties in Banja Luka - a city known for its rich gastronomic tradition and an impressive wine list.
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Ćevabdžinica kod Mahe

Fast food restaurant

Petra I Karađorđevića 20 78 000 Banja Luka

Restaurant Konak Banja Luka

With a tradition of almost three decades, "Konak" is known for the specialties of the national cuisine and the pleasant ambience that provides the possibility of organizing celebrations and family celebrations in an intimate atmosphere.

Kraljice Marije 7, Banja Luka 78000

Restaurant Studenac


Braće i Sestara Kapor, Banja Luka 78000

Ćevabdžinica Mrvica

The Banja Luka kebabs

Обилићево, Banja Luka 78000

Roštiljnica Obelix

The unique and pleasant ambience of the Gallic village where you can't resist the irresistible smells of the well-known Banja Luka kebabs, sausages, hot buns ... is the right place for lovers of good barbecue.

Pete Kozarske Brigade 19 78000 Banja Luka

Restaurants and apartments Stara Ada

Restaurant "Stara Ada" was founded in 1956. It is located on the banks of the Vrbas River, the pride of the city of Banja Luka and its citizens. A special impression on visitors is left by the perfect harmony of the interior with the natural riches that surround the restaurant, which is a kind of oasis of peace and relaxation.

Veljka Mlađenovića b.b., 78000 Banja Luka

Restaurant Citadela

"Gradska pivnica" a.d. - "CITADELA", located in the center of the city in Kralja Alfonsa XIII Street No. 2, on a location that is a significant historical space in the urban development of the City of Banja Luka. It has been operating in a new guise since the middle of 2005. It has three different catering facilities: Caffe - Confectionery "CITADELA" - on the ground floor Tavern - in the basement and Restaurant - upstairs

Kralja Alfonsa XIII 2

Restaurant Villa "Vrbas"

Villa Vrbas is a modernly equipped hotel that will satisfy even the most discerning guests. Guests have at their disposal a luxuriously equipped restaurant, terrace on the river, apartments and rooms with TV, air conditioning, mini-bar, computer, and a permanent and reliable Internet connection via ADSL,… The hotel is located on the banks of the Vrbas near the city bridge and provides peaceful atmosphere and pleasant moments of rest. It is only a few hundred meters from the city center. On the other bank of the Vrbas is the fortress "Kastel", which is one of the unavoidable sights and landmarks of the city of Banja Luka. Apartments and rooms are superbly equipped.

Braće Potkonjaka 1, Banja Luka 51000

Restaurant Lanaco

In the largest city park, a green oasis known for its chestnut and linden trees, there is the Lanaco restaurant. For many decades, Mladen Stojanović Park has been a place where Banja Luka residents come to escape from the city noise and spend pleasant moments with their loved ones, especially the youngest members of the family.

Park Mladena Stojanovića bb, Banja Luka

Mala Skadarlija

Welcome to your tavern "Mala Skadarlija", a place where you can eat well!

Bulevar vojvode Stepe Stepanovića, Banja Luka 78000