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Ski club Bjelasnica (SKB) was founded in 2003. He was the national champion several times, and his members achieved significant results. SKB has implemented important projects in the field of tourism infrastructure development.

Ski Center Bjelasnica

Bjelašnica is the highest ski center in Bosnia and Herzegovina (the highest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Mount Maglić with 2386 m above sea level). Mountain Bjelašnica is located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in the southwest, at a distance of only 25 km from Sarajevo. It is the Igman Mountain, where a large part of the XIV Winter Olympics in the Alpine and Nordic disciplines as well as the 1984 jumps were held. Winter on Bjelašnica lasts from November to May. A special attraction is high snow rubbish which can lead to several meters. Winter is especially interesting precisely because of the landscape that provides a covered snow cover, like a white desert with sunburns, above which nothing more than a heavenly landscape extends.