Food & Drink Takeaway in Foča

You'd like to eat restaurant food but in the comfort of your own home? Check out our list of the best places for food & drink takeout in Foča.
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Caffe pizzeria Mozart

Pizzeria · Cafeteria · Pastry shop

Kralja Petra 73300 Foca

Shanti Lounge Bar

Fast Food · Food Delivery Service · Bar

Svetosavska 51 73300 Foča


cafe - restaurant

Njegoševa, Fоčа 73300

Monte Cristo

Restaurant - Pizzeria Monte Cristo Foča. A place of good food and a pleasant atmosphere.

Njegoseva b.b. 73300 Foča

Restaurant Devetka

A restaurant known for top service.

Beogradska 73300 Foča