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Museum of Wood Carving

The Museum of Wood Carving in Konjic represents the autochthonous tradition and culture in this area.

Varda 2, Konjic 88400

Visit Tito's bunker

TITOV'S NUCLEAR BUNKER One of the most closely guarded secrets of Yugoslavia.

Stara čaršija bb 88400 Konjic

Konjic Homeland Museum

Although the idea of founding a museum in Konjic dates back to 1974, the Homeland Museum was founded in March 2011. The diversity and multitude of exhibits make it an indispensable place to learn about the past and natural heritage of the Municipality of Konjic.

Stara čaršija, Konjic 88400

Konjic National Theater

Local community

Varda, Konjic