Church of Saint James the Greater Apostle in Medjugorje

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Church of Saint James the Greater Apostle

The Catholic Church in Medjugorje

Međugorje 88267

Queen of Peace Shrine

Medjugorje is one of the most famous sacred places in the world. It all started in 1981, when the group of children in the village, on the nearby hill, allegedly appeared Virgin Mary. According to the testimonies of the children, Virgin Mary during her first encounter did not speak, but soon after that she reappeared and presented himself as the "Queen of Peace," and all subsequent messages to the people were dedicated to peace in the world, faith, fasting and prayer. Every year, hijad and thousands of believers come to Medjugorje in the hope of sacred rendering, and many messages of the Virgin Mary are preserved and translated into the most famous languages ​​of the world.

Tromeđa, Međugorje 88260