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If you are after secluded locations surrounded by nature, then I might just have a perfect place for you. A destination so interesting and special, truly a hidden gem of our country. Abundant in untouched nature we always dream of. I am really proud our country is home to a location like this.

Welcome to the “Pecka Visitor Center”, a place created out of the great desire and love of its founder Bora Marić, which today represents a great tourist potential of this region. If this is the first time you’re hearing about this place, Pecka is located in a village near Mrkonjić Grad. Shortly after its founding, Pecka became a centre of adventure and a gathering place for all nature lovers. It boasts a rich infrastructure and serves as an organisation of numerous activities. The Center is located in a former village elementary school which was recognised as an ideal place for this purpose. Today, this location represents a starting and returning point for many activities, such as climbing, excursions, hiking and biking.

The idea behind this project was to centralise the attractions of this area and provide domestic products of exceptional quality that come from hard-working locals and in doing so to promote this destination and everything it has to offer.

Initially, the centre was supposed to have only an informative role and to offer nature lovers information about trails, climbing areas, bicycle routes and to be the starting and returning point of these activities. However, over time, people have recognized the centre as an ideal place to relax and escape from everyday life. Pecka became a place that makes you feel as if you’re home, offering a rich content of activities that has progressed over time.

Pecka is located at 600 m above sea level and is well connected with neighbouring municipalities, so it is really easy to reach at any time of year. Although, I’d recommend you to visit Pecka during spring and summer when everything blooms and nature comes to life.

Over time, the Center’s offer has expanded, so not only you can socialise, relax and plan the next routes here, you can also be a part of interesting exhibitions, educational or other activities such as mushrooming led by Boro himself. You may not have known this, but several thousand species of mushrooms can be found in Pecka, and Boro will take you through the local forests and show you all the little secrets and tricks when it comes to mushrooming.

In addition to adult content, people in Pecka organize activities for the little ones, such as trips to the forests, lectures about plants and animals and getting to know the village and nature. The central event taking place here is the Pecka Outdoor Festival. Two days of fun, music and numerous activities that bring together nature and adventure lovers of all generations.

Although, as I write all of this, I wonder if you can visualize what this place really looks like? As you read, do you imagine endless meadows of 50 shades of green and golden pastures? Do you see smiling hikers and climbers spending their days here? Families who come with children from all over the country, just to relax and truly relax in this nature. I think this is the greatest value of this place. That opportunity to disconnect from the technology, negative emotions and things that tire you and just enjoy. That your only obligation will be to decide what path you’ll take for your walk or which type of mushrooms you will eat.

This place will make you realise you don’t need much to be happy. I know it sounds like a cliché, but happiness really is in small things and you will experience plenty of them here in Pecka.

Shout out to all the dedicated individuals from the Pecka Visitor Center who made this beautiful project happen. Thank you for gifting Bosnia and Herzegovina with such an amazing place. Hats off to everyone involved!


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