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Pionirska dolina Zoo

The "Pionirska dolina" zoo is a zoo in the Sarajevo settlement of Koševo.

Lapodian Islands

Outdoor Recreation · Landmarks & Historic Sites · Archaeological Service

Rafting camp Dvije Vrbe

Gale's Camping "Two Willows" is located seven kilometers out of Foca town, by the river Cehotina, at place Subi.

Rafting center RT

Hotel accommodation · Rafting / Kayaking Center · Restaurant

Resort Zeleni Vir

Thermo-mineral waters. Large pool; Small children's pool; Restaurant; Children's playground; Beach volleyball; Deck chairs, umbrellas, fountains for rent ... Working hours 07-23 h Entrance 3 KM

HERCEG Ethno village Medjugorje

A breath of the past through modern times .. A unique hotel-tourist complex. Hotel, restaurant, swimming pool, wedding hall, congress hall. Welcome!

Garavice Memorial Park

Memorial park


Memorial park


Ecological park

Karabunar Livno

Park in Livno Good for kids


Memorial park in Foča

To the defenders of the Republika Srpska

Memorial park

Njegoš’s monument

Memorial park

Vidikovac Lukomir

Captain’s Tower

The Captain's Tower, or Bihać Tower, is part of the former fortress in Bihać. It is located in the lower part of the city, on the left bank of the river Una.

NP Una

The Una River is one of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is the fourth largest river in the country. Forming the natural border between Croatia and BiH, Una flows with a total length of 212 kilometres. The beauty of the Una River is indescribable to many, and it is a favourite place for swimming and enjoying adrenaline adventures. Picturesque, with enchanting colours and crystal clear water, Una creates an abundance of waterfalls, rapids, and cascades. The Una International Regatta is also held on the Una, attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world every year.


Ostrožac, a fort of the Early Iron Age, a medieval fortress and a Turkish town. The fortress is located on a dominant hill above the left bank of the river Una and the settlement of the same name, 12 km from Bihać towards Bosanska Krupa, at the fork in the road to Cazin.

Tito’s bunker visit – Zoor Bosnia

TITOV'S NUCLEAR BUNKER One of the most closely guarded secrets of Yugoslavia. It was built for the purpose of sheltering 350 of Tito's closest associates. Author = Titov bunker

Old Bridge

Stara Ćuprija is a bridge spanning the Neretva River in the town of Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a significant example of Ottoman bridge architecture in the Balkans, and is a listed National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Raft Kor

Experience unforgettable rafting adventure on Neretva, one of the most beautiful rivers in the Balkans.

Lake Jablanica

Jablanica Lake is an artificial accumulation lake on the Neretva River in the Federation of BiH, BiH. It stretches from Konjic to Jablanica, along the main road M-17.

Lipsko Lake

Lipsko Lake is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina in HBŽ. It is formed by the inflow of all three Livno rivers. Sturba, Bistrica, Žabljak merge in Sastavci and flow into Lipsko Lake through a canal.

Mountain Tušnica

Tušnica is a mountain in the western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the territory of the city of Livno, Federation of BiH. The highest peak is Vitrenik.

Mountain Maglić

Maglić is a Dinaric mountain on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, about 20 km southwest of Foča.


Ćehotina (Ćeotina, Ćotina, Čehotina) is a river in northwestern Montenegro and eastern Republika Srpska, BiH, a right tributary of the Drina River.

Grand Tara Rafting Resort

Rafting camp Grand Tara is located 20 km upstream from Foča, next to the confluence of the rivers Tara and Piva where the river Drina is born. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains - Vučevo, Maglića, Vukuša, Pliješa, Zelengora.

Sand pyramids

Tourist attraction in Daničići

Bingo zoo Tuzla

Bingo Zoo is located near the city of Tuzla, 800 meters away from the main road Tuzla-Sarajevo. Within the ZOO there is a restaurant, playground, football field and promenade, and there is a small lake that gives this environment a special charm.

Lake Bistarac

Bistarac is a lake in the Federation of BiH, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in Tuzla Canton, about two kilometers from Lukavac.

Pannonian Lake

Pannonian lakes are salty artificial lakes in Tuzla. The first lake was built in 2003, and the second in 2006. The Pannonian Lakes complex also includes the Sojenic Neolithic heritage, sports fields, salt waterfalls and many other facilities.

Mountain Lisac

Lisac is a mountain in the municipality of Zenica. It is located in the north of the Zenica valley. The highest peak is Liskovača at 1348 meters above sea level.

Mountain Vepar

Vepar is a mountain in the municipality of Zenica. The west valley of the river Bosna separates it from the mountain Lisca.

Vranduk Fortress

Vranduk Fortress is a fortification in the settlement of Vranduk in the area of the City of Zenica. The name Vranduk is derived from the word branduk.


Smetovi is a mountain in the municipality of Zenica. The highest peak is at 1025 meters above sea level. It is about 8 kilometers away from the center of Zenica.

Sahat Tower

Located in: Terski Park

Mlječanica Spa

After the necessary medical staff was completed, the Spa started operating on July 4, 1987. years. It is located not far from Prijedor.

River Sana

Legend has it that it was named by the ancient Latins because of its healing properties and purity (lat. Sano, sanare = to cure).

Apparition Hill

A place of pilgrimage in Bijakovići

Višegrad house

Welcome to "Visegrad House"! Here you can get acquainted with our idea of offering food, drinks, handicrafts and natural preparations that are in our store in Visegrad.

Drina Canyon

The Drina canyon belongs to the composite type of valleys, in the length of several tens of kilometers, valley extensions (valleys) and valley narrowings (gorges and canyons) alternate along the Drina river, on the border of Serbia and Republika Srpska. After the Colorado Canyon (USA) and the Tara Canyon (Montenegro), the Drina River Canyon is the deepest canyon in the world.

Visegradska Banja

Višegradska Banja is a populated place in the municipality of Višegrad, Republika Srpska, BiH. According to the 1991 census, there were 19 inhabitants in the settlement.


Andrićgrad or Kamengrad is a city, cultural center and a kind of ethno-village, located at the location of Ušće at the confluence of the rivers Drina and Rzav in Višegrad, whose creator is the director Emir Kusturica.

Mehmed-pasha Sokolović Bridge

The Mehmed-pasha Sokolović Bridge (Old Bridge in Višegrad) is located in Višegrad near the border between Republika Srpska and Serbia and is one of the most monumental works of architecture that was created in the period from the 15th to the 19th century in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Mehmed-pasha Sokolović Bridge is a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Foča House

The house of the indigenous Hadživuković family was one of the first and most beautiful Serbian houses in the center of Foča during the Austro-Hungarian rule.

King Peter’s monument

The monument to King Peter I Karadjordjevic is located in the center of Bijeljina, on King Peter Karadjordjevic Square, and was erected on November 8, 1993, as a replica of an earlier monument from 1937, which was destroyed by the Nazi German army. This monument is one of the symbols of the city. The monument consists of a composition depicting a king with a royal cloak as he kills a three-headed monster from a saddled horse.

Tavna Monastery

The Tavna Monastery is located in the village of Banjica in the town of Bijeljina, on the border of three municipalities, on the Majevica hills. This monastery was the endowment of the Serbian king St. John Vladimir, and then King Dragutin. It was also restored by Prince Lazar and Princess Milica.

Coniferous and deciduous forests

Come and investigate the beauty of the forests on Jahorina.

Tvrdoš Monastery

Tvrdoš Monastery is located not far from Trebinje in Republika Srpska. The monastery is the seat of the Zahumlje-Herzegovina and Primorska diocese.

Strac Fortress

Historic place in Gornji Čičevo.

Freedom Square

You can find a historical monument here, the one which is important for the inhabitants of Trebinje.

Arslanagića Bridge

Arslanagića bridge, or Perovića bridge, is a bridge on Trebišnjica in Trebinje, and it is on the list of immovable cultural assets of the Republic of Srpska.

Fountain of Goiko Shishkovich

Fountain, a gift from the Trebinje stonecutter Gojko Šišković to his city.


A place where you can settle down with natural surroundings and the muse of the birds.

Kriva Ćuprija

Ottoman architecture

Waterfalls Kravice

Visit the waterfalls "Kravice" which are located only 40 kilometers from Mostar. The waterfalls are a miracle of nature, as evidenced by their height of 27 meters. The lakes are suitable for swimming and enjoying the summer day.

Pliva lakes

Pliva Lakes are located between the municipalities of Jezero and Jajce in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are located in the river valley of the Pliva and there are small and large lakes.


Twenty mills, built on a travertine barrier between the Great and Small Pliva Lakes.


The Jajce Mithraeum, or Jajački Mithraeum is a temple (mithraeum) dedicated to the Persian invisible sun god, Mithra. It was rediscovered in an archaeological dig in 1931 in Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Jajce Fortress was built on a karst hill above the waterfall of the river Pliva. It has been declared a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Layers of the Eneolithic settlement, material from the Bronze Age and finds from the Roman era were discovered there.


The catacombs are located within the city walls, near the Bear Tower. Come and explore them!

Jajce Waterfall

The Pliva Waterfall is located by the town of Jajce, in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the river Pliva meets the river Vrbas. It is 20 meters high.

Fortress Kastel

In the heart of the city of Banja Luka stands Kastel, a witness to the past, a skeleton of the present and a prediction of the future. Located in the heart of the city, the fortress has a rich past. The old walls of the Castle are there to wake your curiosity about the history of the city, the stories of battles, trade, successes and failures, which are witnessed and marked by the fortress itself.

Krupa na Vrbasu

Krupa na Vrbasu is a small town located about 30 minutes of driving from the center of the Banja Luka city and it’s best known for beautiful nature and clean air. You can read our more detailed blog post about Krupa and now we’re just going to mention what to see when you go there. Most famous things about Krupa na Vrbasu are certainly the cascades of the river Krupa and old water mills used for flour production. In the area there is also monastery of st. Elijah, Strikas cave and the old cabin log church built in the XVIII century. There is also a nice restaurant where you can have a drink or a quick bite. We recommend the trout.

Old Bridge Mostar

Old Bridge is a famous bridge on the Neretva River, which is located in the heart of the old town of Mostar. The Old Bridge was built in the sixteenth century under the command of Suleiman the Magnificent and represents a classic of Islamic architecture and engineering. Stari Most was destroyed by cotton during the civil war, but soon after that it was restored. Stari Most was placed on the list of protected cultural heritage of UNESC in 2005, and every year attracts thousands and thousands of tourists who often have no breath before the fairytale scene of this cultural and historical monument that drastically rises above the emerald Neretva.