Ostrožac Old Town – Ostrožac Castle

27 May 2021 .Džanan

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My name is Džanan Kišmetović, I was born in 1997 in Bihać. I fell in love with photography ​in the third grade of high school when my professor lent me a camera for a school project. I have participated in many photography competitions and won awards. I consider myself an ambitious and talented person, and one day I would love to have my own studio.

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Today, I am going to talk about a very popular location, especially among wedding photographers in the Una-Sana Canton - the Ostrožac Castle.

Ostrožac Castle is located just outside the town of Cazin, in the village of Ostrožac in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The location itself is very special, the towers along with the entire castle have a very fairytale-like and ancient feel.

The castle dates back to the 16th century when the Ottomans founded the Ottoman province of Bosnia. A small addition was made to the castle between 1900 and 1906 for certain members of the Habsburg family. In the courtyard of the fortress, there is a collection of stone sculptures. There is a path leading around the castle, ideal for walking and sightseeing.

An interesting fact - the fortifications of the Ostrožac Old Town were built during four different periods, but the oldest part according to the historical data, was built in 1286, as a property of the Babonić family, who ruled this land back then.

When you first see it, you would probably think this fascinating castle is located somewhere in Germany, however, this is in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it is one of the most beautiful fortresses we have.

The fortress consists of a medieval fortress, a fortress from the Ottoman period, Lothar von Berks Castle and a collection of sculptures located in the natural surroundings of the Old Town.

How can you find this place? The castle is very well known and frequently visited, so I have no doubts the navigation will lead you in the right direction. The castle is located right next to the main road that connects the towns of Bihać and Cazin.

It is located only 9 km from the centre of Cazin, and 17 km from the centre of Bihać. You have a couple of signposts that will direct you to a given destination. The ticket price is 4KM. If the fortress is not open, there is a number +38761236641 that you can call and one man will come to open it. From whichever direction you come, the castle will catch your eye and you will not be able to pass by without noticing it. Parking is right next to the entrance. Please note that the whole area around and inside the castle is very clean and maintained, so if you bring something to snack or drink be sure to pick up the trash.

I personally think Ostrožac castle is perhaps in the top 10 destinations in BiH that are definitely worth visiting. The fortress offers a lot to see, so I recommend that you take at least an hour of your time when visiting. You can climb each of the towers and enjoy amazing views of the fortress. The fort of the castle can be visited as well, even though it is in very poor condition. Inside of it, there is a balcony on the second floor from where you can see the amazing Una river. As I mentioned earlier, in addition to the towers,  there is a collection of over a hundred stone sculptures that will take a long time to explore if you wish to see each of them.

Throughout all seasons, the Old Town of Ostrožac looks beautiful and represents such a gem of our country and it is a very visited attraction.

Be sure to come and visit it yourself, because sometimes only words can't do it justice.