4 Natural Attractions you Have to Visit in BiH this Summer


The Spring of the river Bosna


If the road takes you to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we highly recommend you to visit one of the most recognisable landmarks of our country – Spring of the Bosna River. Located on the outskirts of Sarajevo, alongside Ilidža, Spring of the Bosna River represents the true natural beauty of the region.

The area of ​​the Spring of the river Bosna consists of several small islands connected by bridges over numerous smaller streams.


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And why would you want to spend your summer day here?

For a start, the air temperature is several degrees lower compared to the center of Sarajevo. If that’s not a reason enough to visit this ideal summer resort, you may be drawn to the idyllic image of swans swimming peacefully on the lakes or an idea of a carriage ride through beautiful nature as you are caressed by the breeze from the surrounding Igman Mountain.


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The spring of the river Bosna, along with the surrounding nature of Mount Igman, makes this location more than ideal for family excursions and enjoyment in the fresh, clean air. The park offers excursion sites, carriage rides, and has a restaurant where you can enjoy freshly caught river trout.













Boračko Lake


Located about 20 kilometers from Konjic, Boračko Lake is one of the most beautiful natural lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Boračko Lake is a mountain, glacial lake that lies at the foot of Mount Prenj, at an altitude of 397m.

On the west, it is surrounded by steep and wooded heights of Montenegro and on the east by Tranjine. The surroundings of the lake are embellished with dense coniferous and deciduous forests.


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Boračko Lake, with its beauty and pure clear green color, rarely leaves anyone indifferent, and it is visited by both locals and tourists from various continents.

Boračko Lake is an ideal destination for families and holidays in a natural environment, and also has a camp where you can enjoy in your RV.

On the lake, there is also the option of renting wooden bungalows and apartments.


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In addition to the beauty of the lake itself, you can also enjoy several activities that will make your stay complete, such as boating and pedal boating, barbecue, and playgrounds for your children.






Located on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, within the Sutjeska National Park, Perućica is one of the two remaining rainforests in Europe. In the depths of the Perućica rainforest, often called the “lungs of Europe”, you will find the amazing Skakavac waterfall, which runs with nearly 100 meters of height. It is one of the largest waterfalls in the Balkans.

Perućica is a protected nature reserve, extremely rich in diverse flora and many endemic and rare species. It contains a large number of trees about 300 years old, and it is believed that the rainforest itself is about 20,000 years old.



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Human’s love and respect for nature were embodied in the heart of Perućica, where even diseased trees are not allowed to be cut down.

Every nature lover will find a real paradise here, walking among centuries-old trees, with a view of the natural phenomenon of Skakavac Waterfall.

If you decide to visit the Perućica reserve, we recommend that you enjoy the view of the Skakavac waterfall from the Dragoš Sedlo viewpoint. It will be one of the views whose beauty will accompany you all your life.


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Since the forest is very dense, in some parts even impassable, and protected, the visit is allowed only with the announcement and accompaniment of a guide from the Sutjeska National Park.





Krupa na Vrbasu


Krupa na Vrbasu is a small town about 25 kilometers from Banja Luka and lies in a valley between the canyons of the Vrbas River.

Krupa is a small river that joins the Vrbas River in the canyon and spreads along with the town of Krupa and the main road Jajce-Banja Luka.

The crystal clear water that descends through the traditional mills and the falls of the Krupa make a truly enchanting sight.

You can enjoy the beauty of the cascading waterfalls of Krupa, the old mills, and the pleasant murmur of water while walking along the promenade along the river.



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In addition to the natural resources of Krupa, we recommend that you enrich your visit with significant cultural and historical values preserved by this small town.

After enjoying the waterfalls and springs of the river, head to the monastery of St. Elijah from 1289 or the wooden church dating from the 16th century. The exploration of Strika’s cave, as well as the remains of the medieval town of Greben, will also be worth your time.


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